October 14, 2020
Super Deluxe Single Room
Is Best deluxe accommodation hotels in kathmandu?
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Hotel Majestic and Spa is one among the simplest 4-star deluxe hotels in Kathmandu city with world-class amenities within its periphery t...
September 16, 2020
Hotel Majestic and Spa looks like in Thamel Kathmandu 2020
Category: Rooms
Hi everybody this is Hotel Majestic and spa and today want to help you travel smarter by showing you what a night hotel room on hotel maj...
September 15, 2020
Standard Room
Best Hotels in Kathmandu 2020
Category: Rooms
It is our great pleasure to introduce ourselves. Hotel Majestic and Spa is a one of the best hotels to reputed 4 star hotel in Kathmandu,...
January 30, 2020
Best Online Hotel Reservation Kathmandu 2020
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Hotel Majestic and Spa proudly presents the best hotel deals from our secure Online Hotel Reservation System. We provide Best Rate Guaran...