Hotel Majestic and Spa looks like in Thamel Kathmandu 2020

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Hi everybody this is Hotel Majestic and spa and today want to help you travel smarter by showing you what a night hotel room on hotel majestic and spa looks like in Thamel Kathmandu. That looks like so let’s go so first. We turn on the power so why Thamel . so thamel is one of the places. Where you are just in the middle its main touristic back packing part of the city and literally the location of this hotel is the first thing to start out  with so literally.

you just drop out to the street and within 10 minutes. It’s all here and there’s a lot of good food selection so one of the benefits that you get from being in this part of town is the location which is hotel majestic and spa.

So that’s a little bit a part of the price and so there’s a different range of hotels in this part of the city called hotel majestic and spa, Thamel. There’s the budget which is all cheaper than this obviously. There’s the more expensive hotels which are generally not directly in Thamel. but sort of around into the outside about ten minutes away but this is what you get for about few dollars.

Hotel majestic and spa, where you go so first you got two beds you’ve got a twin size bed and then full on queen-size bed. and I’ve been staying in this room now for a couple of days and the beds are very comfortable. The blankets are thick. It’s winter time that’s an extra bonus because it does get pretty chilly in the evenings.

But the beds are pretty comfortable so lit off and the pillows even more comfortable. Sheets are fresh. It’s clean. They smell nice always good to know. You’ve got fresh towels. They’ll clean the room every day. If that’s your style so the beds are very comfortable sheets smell pretty good.

Hotel Majestic and Spa looks like in Thamel Kathmandu

They’re definitely clean. Let’s see you’ve got some complimentary water but first of all you’ve got a very power full heater. So this thing turns on that thing up there and the room gets very warm at night  which is really good because it is cold at night like i said gets down close to freezing in the winter time.

 This has an air conditioning as well so in the summer time when it’s super hot that’s also a bonus. so these things really do work. It’s not just for show they do have a good power output. so they can make warm or cold depending on your choice. You got a TV here so get the TV to that television right there I haven’t really used it but if you want some TV you’ve got a couple of local Nepali channels that you can watch and the TV has a bonus which you know they should probably put in more hotel majestic and spa descriptions.

so you’ve got HDMI port there so if you want to plug in your laptop. Let’s say at night you want to watch something of your laptop and stream it directly to TV. That’s also an option and you’ve got the phone here.  so you can call down to reception and call if you need something which is kind of convenient.

 if you don’t want to run down stairs there’s lift in this hotel majestic and spa. so you’ve got to take the stairs this is the room on the second floor and like I said beds are pretty comfortable. you’ve got this loves it here closet. and here’s the view from outside all right. so the view is not too terribly spectacular but there’s the view right there.

 You’ve also got these two seats so if you want a place to sit you’ve got that you’ve got this little cookies. I got but they don’t come with cookies you got these two tea cups and a small little table here as well as a chair and two bottles of complimentary water and then a water heater. if you want to make tea or some instant coffee that two glasses there as well International plugs.

also got a light up there you’ve got a light all goes all the way around their room is nicely. We will it and one of the things for me that’s really important when I get a hotel room is a desk so that’s one of the main things that I look for obviously. so I need a desk it’s one of the reasons that I got this particular hotel majestic and spa because I noticed that it has a fairly large desk in the room. so that’s important to me and the desk.

 Here is fairly large so you can see you’ve got enough size for a decent size and on my laptop now but you’ve got it. This is about the size of a 15-inch Mac Book Pro so you’ve got that much size plus plenty of all this other space as well. you got some tea you got another mirror.

if you want to check yourself out and so the desk if you’re looking for a room with a desk it’s got a pretty nice desk set up so that’s the main room that’s what you get. you’ve got clean bed between the drawer window desk coffee table two seats and now it’s time to check out the bathroom so this is the bathroom hey there’s your mirror which is pretty full late in hotel majestic and spa.

You checked yourself out at the mirror obviously your towel over there pretty big sink complimentary, shampoo, body lotion toothbrush and babies -a couple of things about the shower there it is so it’s here just got pretty decent pretty exactly very strong water pressure and the water gets very hot very quickly.

so that may be something that you’re wondering doesn’t want to get hot is it very hot does it get hot quickly and answer to all those questions is yes water pressure is very strong and the water is very hot. so if you like a good solid hot shower you’re go and  get that in this bathroom and you’ve got a bath tub as well so if you’re more of a feel more of a bath you type you have that and you got like.

I said pretty soon come up off of that but I can vouch for it not wasting too much water. if that yes water is very hot solid toilet paper more toilet paper that’s pretty much it it’s a pretty basic bathroom but the water is hot the water pressure is good in hotel majestic and spa.

You think this is a pretty solid room it’s definitely large enough at least for three people easily for one person so I’m saying here by myself this is plenty of space for me. I love having the desk there. if you’re coming to thamel and you’re looking for best hotel majestic and spa you just kind of want to see what you’re get for about few a night.

You know how photoshop things are or or on hotel majestic and spa websites you know that they really do kind of over saturate the colors but this is a pretty accurate representation of what you’ll get at the Hotel majestic and spa looks like in Thamel Kathmandu for about few dollars. This is not sponsored or anything I paid for this room I just thought it might be helpful for you to see pretty just straight forward whatever room in this part of the city looks like.

I’ve had a good experience here it’s been pretty good they also  I have tried the breakfast so I can say whether it’s good or not but they do have a breakfast included the Wi-Fi also is pretty decent especially on the first floor and in the lobby but when you get up here.

I’ve noticed that the further away from the door that I am the Wi-Fi is too good when I’m sitting at the desk and especially using my laptop then the Wi-Fi is a lot stronger there so the Wi-Fi signal here is  too great and the download and upload speeds are fantastic but you do have free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel staying in this part of town that is hotel majestic and spa.

It’s really easy to find whatever you might need as a traveler whether you need a pharmacy whether you need a cup of coffee whether you need a SIM card whether you need a bottle of soda or whatever you want you’ve got plenty of that. Hotel majestic and spa Thamel Kathmandu is the best places to eat and get coffee and soon so make sure you hit the like, subscribe and share  buttons down below so you don’t miss any of those thank you  so much.

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